Maureen’s intention is to allay some of the fears concerning the use of Hypnosis, the myths and mystery surrounding which are totally undeserved. I hope to make it clear that what takes place is very normal and non-magical. There is no question of being controlled or manipulated or even being induced into a deep trance state.

A person in hypnosis is not asleep (although the word ‘Hypnosis’ is derived from the Greek word meaning ‘sleep’). Maybe a new word is needed to describe this state, for in fact people are often more aware of what is taking place than usual. Hypnosis is a safe and natural state familiar to us all.

Relaxing in a hot bath, or daydreaming on a train journey, or drifting between sleeping and waking first thing in the morning – these are just some of the hypnotic experiences we all enjoy from time to time. The state of hypnosis as an aid to therapy has been in use for many years. Hypnotherapy combines relaxation techniques and imaginative visualisation to promote and use this pleasant state of peace and heightened awareness creatively and constructively.

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